Impact of Technology On The Field of Arts And Entertainment

Nearly everyone enjoys the different types of entertainment, and some people enjoy even more being entertainers. They want to become actors, comedians, dancers, singers. We used to go inside theatres after a hard day’s work to relax and see our favorite plays. But only in the last hundred years have we been able to record sound and pictures and to broadcast them through air. These improvements have brought fun and entertainment to every corner of the world and into most of our homes.

Technology has indeed made it possible for us to see entertainment in a new light. For one, technology has made it also possible for us to store our memories. Actors and singers long dead seem to come to life again every time their films or records are played. We can store a seemingly countless number of these records and films in CDs, hard drives and other storing devices like our computer. This makes it possible for us to entertain ourselves almost anywhere- at home, at the office, at the park, the bus; as long as we bring our devices with us. One can actually live without TV these days as long as one has a computer device and internet connection.

The world of entertainment has grown tremendously, and it can teach us as well as entertain us. Today, broadcasting is the most important form of popular entertainment. But now it is challenged by still newer inventions. Video playback and recording equipments make it possible for home viewers to buy or record their favorite shows. Many classic movies are already available for home viewing. This new equipment may encourage many viewers to spend fewer hours watching network offerings of situation comedies and action dramas. And now, we can record, transfer, and produce our own videos using cellular phones.

At the same time, the internet has revolutionized viewing habits in another way. The internet provides information on a lot of sources for movies, music, and other forms of entertainment. With internet connection, people can bring programs directly into their computer by doing downloads and many of these downloads are offered for free. Not only does it provide entertainment but we can even do some transactions like when you want to buy stun guns online.

The internet offer entertainment on almost all particular interests- music, news, and special information such as stock markets, weather, and social networking. These sources are made available to us faster than ever, as fast as the stun gun effects. We can update on news even before they get broadcasted on TV through the different websites on the internet.

Never in recorded history have Entertainment and arts been so important in the lives of so many people. Modern inventions such as the internet have put nearly every person within reach of music and drama all day, every day, at home, and away from home. The internet has also made it possible for people not just become viewers but also the performers themselves as they are able to upload their own videos on different sites. The future of entertainment and arts is taking shape through technology and the people themselves.

News and Society – The Power & Responsibility of Wealth

What do you think of when you hear the word “wealth”?

Now, what do others what you to think of when they say the word “wealth”?

It of course depends on the person asking, doesn’t it?

Depending on who your audience is, “wealth” can be a dirty word–especially in the political world. I always found it ironic that so many of the people in elected office who villainize the wealthy are themselves in that class. Strange, isn’t?

Another place where this twilight zone effect occurs is in entertainment. A recent article was suggested to me called ‘The Mess We’re In: The Challenge of Meldramocracy’ (by Glenn W. Smith). The article is by a columnist in Hollywood opining about the health care debate. He accuses one ideological group of scaring voters to their view using “melodrama” (but doesn’t suggest that that group might actually be winning the debate through factual data and sound reason).

And yet we have another ideological group that likes to employ guilt in order to get voters to support their advocacy of a nanny state–in this case government-run health care. The tactic is usually focused on the wealthy, as a way to either explain why they must pay higher taxes or why they should willingly give over their wealth.

Sadly, the tactic works and all too often. How do I know? Because the person who suggested the article is a millionaire, and a millionaire who has worked hard to become so. And because of guilt laid on successful people such as himself, he is willing to accept the irony that he (and others like him) should give up their wealth to the government so that politicians can re-distribute that wealth as they see fit. This is a terrible mistake if followed through to conclusion.

There is a tendency to equate wealth with arrogance or disconnected elitism. Absolutely this occurs and (again) the irony is that this trait is most often found in wealthy bureaucrats, aristocrats, intelligentsia, and entertainers doing the criticizing (or engaged in related activism), NOT hard-working wealthy such as my fellow entrepreneur colleague.

There is great power and responsibility in having wealth. In the case of the health care debate, people of wealth should not be the target of taxation. They need to be allowed to keep their wealth so that they can (continue to) invest that wealth into the free market.

All You Wanted to Know About Life Casting

In the ancient days, life-like, three-dimensional imitations of a deceased person’s body were created to transport him or her to the next world. This venerable art from the land of Egypt is now being practiced all over the world.

However, one no longer has to be dead to get a life cast done! Yes, realistic and perfectly detailed reproductions of the living and breathing human body are possible today. The 3D replica manages to capture every minute detail right down to the hair, skin texture, fingerprints and even the pores.

This cherished reflection can be captured from any part of the body and impressions of baby hands and feet are particular popular. So are pregnant bellies, intertwined hands, individual torsos and so on.

How is it done?

A life cast begins with making a body mold. In fact, this forms a crucial step and success depends on both the skill of the artist and the cooperation of the model. In fact, the model is only involved at this stage and the artist will work on his own during the casting.

The life casting artist will carefully instruct the model and decide on a pose that has to be maintained for a while. The artist will do his best to ensure that the model stays comfortable, secure and stationary.

The artist coats the body part with petroleum jelly or other release agent before slathering it with an alginate mixture. This alginate is a natural product that is derived from seaweed and is completely safe for the skin. Softer set variations are also available that is gentle for infant skin. Alternatively, the artist can opt to make the body mold with skin-safe silicone rubber too.

The mold making material is carefully applied on the body. Extra attention is needed when casting the face as the mold should capture the precise shape and yet the material should not enter the eyes, mouth or nose. Alginate molds are secured with plaster bandages to enable the mold to retain its shape.

The mold will set in a matter of minutes and it can be demolding by wriggling the face a bit. Now alginate molds should be cast quickly as the material tends to shrink and distort quickly. Plaster is generally the material of choice for making life casts. Resin life casts are also popular. It is even possible to make life casts in stone, metal or wood by using cold casting powders.

The casting material is carefully poured into the body mold. Care is needed to avoid air bubbles that can easily mar the perfection of the life cast. Once cured, alginate molds are usually broken away to reveal the life cast inside. The cast is then carefully finished (to correct any imperfections) and can also be painted or buffed as required.

Top Arts and Entertainment Hotpots in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale boasts of a culture that is as deep as its oceans any individual can ever fathom. Its heritage is diversified by the arts and entertainment that make its communities alive and dynamic. Throughout the year, there are festivals and events that foster interaction and unity among its residents. Here are some of the arts and entertainment hotspots in the city where you can spend fun time alone or with friends and family.


Located at 1350 East Sunrise Blvd., Artserve holds the reputation of being one of America’s six art incubators. The 20000 square foot art facility has a professional art gallery, dance studio, auditoriums, conference rooms, and office suites. It also holds programs and services that aim to help local artists turn their arts into profitable businesses. It is a haven for both artists and art enthusiasts. The facility also holds regular exhibits which focus on bringing diverse kinds of art to the public.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

On 900 N. Birch Road, you can find the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. It is a historic house museum erected on 35 acres of pristine barrier island in Fort Lauderdale. It prides itself of being one of the few places with homes and studios carrying original furnishings from American artists. It also has an art gallery from several reputable artists. Its garden is also a living art by possessing five distinct ecosystems within it – the Atlantic Beach Ocean, freshwater slough, secondary dune, mangrove wetlands, and maritime forest. Tropical tranquility beams with the tropical vegetation, hibiscus garden, and arid plantings. The entire garden is also a perfect paradise for wildlife like squirrel monkeys and gopher tortoises. Weddings and corporate events can be held in this place through special arrangements.

Arts & Culture Center of Hollywood

The parcel of land in 1650 Harrison Street is the site of the Arts & Culture Center of Hollywood. It is where art exhibits, live performances, and educational programs for kids and adults are staged. It has several art galleries, art school, theater, and café. This is literally a melting pot of arts and entertainment where residents and visitors can have a grasp of the rich culture that Fort Lauderdale has grown over the years.

These are just three of the top arts and entertainment hotspots in Fort Lauderdale. Throughout the city, there are more places like these which can also satisfy your thirst for visual arts and live entertainment. If you want to know more of these hotspots, you can contact your local real estate agent for more information.

Costume Play Is A Popular Hobby

Do you like dressing up in costumes for Halloween or a special event? Would you like to be able to attend more functions with costumes? Then Cosplay is for you. This is the “hottest”creative and imaginative hobby being enjoyed by amateurs and professionals.

No, there are no lines to memorize and you do not have to act in a play or any type of theatre performance. Select a character that you would like to be and become that personality for a period of time.

People who participate in this activity can be found at celebrity, sci-fi, and other types of conventions which welcome costumed personalities. They can also be found at promotional events such as books or movies.

Costume ideas:

Space creatures
Military and other combative characters
Fantasy creatures
Mythical characters and creatures
Movie characters
Super heroes
Cartoon characters
Sexual fantasies
Distorted human appearances
Original creations fabricated by your imagination

The participants of this activity enjoy making their personal creations whether it is original or copying a favorite character of their choice. These people take great pride in their talents and skills which are needed to assemble a costume.

Regardless if the costume is purchased, rented or made by your skillful hands, cosplay is a lot of fun.

In addition to entertainment for self or others this interest may:

Jumpstart a new career
Photos of your costume may win contests, modeling, or a movie invitation
Satisfy your need to portray various characters
Meet celebrities and other famous people at the conventions and costumed promotions
New social life with people who share your interest
Satisfy your creativity and imagination

Various talents used in arts and crafts are utilized in making these costumes. Copying and duplicating a simple character can be easy or an ordeal depending on your skills.

A monster or a military costume will involve crafts from plastics, foam, wiring, electronics, metal assembly, and more which may be needed for the costume and the props. In this example sewing fabric, fur, feathers, skins, leather, and other garment needs may require a sewing machine or hand stitching may be the solution.

Regardless if the costume is purchased, rented or made by your skillful hands, cosplay is a lot of fun.

This an up and coming “hot” hobby for everyone to enjoy. There is a niche for any interest, talent or skill which you may possess and wish to keep active.

Performing Arts and Entertainment

Entertainment comes in all forms and fashions, from taking a walk in the park to going to your local movie theater. A wonderful form of entertainment that many people seem to overlook is performing arts entertainment. Performing arts entertainment is a great choice for all ages and all types of people. It offers a type of entertainment that going to a movie cannot fulfill. The inner feeling of seeing your favorite musical or play performed by live people is simply exasperating.

When it comes to choosing an event for a group of people, performing-arts entertainment reaches out to a large audience. Whether it is Monday date night and you need something to do together, or a place to take the class for a field trip. Performing arts offers plays for the young and the old ranging from dramas to comedies. The environment is suiting for the entire family and provides a great atmosphere to all.

It is important to not let culture die. Modern day people tend to resort to entertainment from areas that are killing tradition and leading to a dying breed and lack of diversity. The arts will take you back in time and make you feel as if you were sitting in the same room with people of the past in a wonderful indoor setting.

Performing-arts entertainment is put on hold because many people tend to think they cannot afford it. Plays and performances have lowered drastically in price and offer many packages and memberships to satisfy your needs. Remember, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to feel the culture alive than take the family to a performing arts production.

Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

Another year passes by and I’m still wondering; what the heck are we doing with society, this planet and the people on it? If this is the era of plenty and so much for so many, why are millions living in poverty or starving? As we gobble up natural resources and dump massive amounts of waste into our environment, why do we work so hard at competing for yet more of just about everything? That we don’t need! As we are prodded by the big free enterprise machines we strive and wonder what next can we get.

Something is very wrong with our social structure and behavior. We’ve come a long way from the caveman days but our advancements in achieving the good life seem to have crested a while back. So many facets of society have become faster, tenser and somewhat nastier and commerce has been directing the show.

But personally life is good depending on one’s sense of values, and I’m optimistic about seeing a sensible and just civilization ahead. It will take some huge changes in the way we do business, treat the poor and value simplicity and peaceful lifestyles over materialistic ‘achievements’. But we can do it and we will do it. I know there is a lot of talk going on out there, particularly on the internet as many are concerned and getting involved.

Anyway birthday boy has some comments about arriving at the big 76 and being happy about the results of the trip here, potholes and all. I’m enjoying my relaxed life and my most valuable assets – my family. A loving wife, two perfect kids and two wonderful grandkids. WOW!

Sure we are faced with much bad NEWS, but we’ve always had bad news stories. There are just more people here now, and then there’s the sensationalism value of shock for the media guys who are making the most of what will get consumer attention and earn them a bit more profit.

But looking positively, lots of nice things happen most days as I turn another page.

I feel good when I pass a 100 year senior uptown who makes a point to catch my eye, so as to exchange smiles. I imagine their many years of the good life with nice friends and family, problems that were handled wisely and in a kind and positive attitude. And no guilt as they probably buried negative experiences long ago, as we all should.

Often I get a pleasant greeting or a polite gesture from a teenager. Even a rough looking kid will likely return a smile if you just give one first, as with mostly people. He only looked a bit unfriendly – he had a lot on his mind. I remember.

Who benefits most, the giver or the receiver of a friendly expression? Perhaps it’s a draw.

A while back I was picking up a small bouquet of flowers at the supermarket; it wasn’t Valentines Day and it was early morning, about 8:30am. As I walked to the store entrance a very old gent about 90-100 came out slowly. He was in sports coat and tie and carrying a small bouquet of flowers. I wondered if he was heading for some happy or sad moments. Either way, lots of lovely memories, I’m certain of that.

There are some disadvantages to aging and one of the most common is a weakened memory system. A blank can pop up at any moment, such as a person’s name, and can be embarrassing unless you have given up getting embarrassed. There is one thing that I constantly forget; I can’t remember just what but it’s no big deal anyway. A doctor told me that this is a common problem as you get older, offered up some suggestions and concluded that I was actually OK – for a guy my age. But I’m not too sure what a veterinarian should know about my mental well-being anyway.

Eye floaters, objects and dots that reside in the field of vision for awhile, are common. Last week I chased fruit flies around the kitchen with no luck and am not sure there were any.

Creativity may not lessen so much as many think. Just this year I perfected a way to save water. By gradually pressing the handle on the toilet it can perform its flush function exactly when there is just enough water, without using an extra drop, without discharging the tank! I know – put a brick in it, but sometimes you need the full contents.

And I’ve come up with some great suggestions just recently.
To my Credit Union: You have a notice on your ATM “DON’T FORGET YOUR CARD.” Well how about adding “Don’t forget your money.” I was just a bit embarrassed about the time I took my card and left the $200 cash behind. But thanks to Coast Capital anyway for finding it for me; you guys have always been tops. Do you know the machine sucks the money back in if you don’t take it? If nobody else is there to grab it that is!

To the Minister of Highways. I have been wondering why your freeway has provided a ‘FAST LANE’ for those reckless maniac drivers that often point to heaven as they pass me. So they can go even faster? Well how about a SLOW lane so us older guys, who know all about life and relaxation, can check out the scenery and enjoy a peaceful ride into town?

Ah so many pluses in reaching a ripened age! People sometimes tell me that I’m looking good and I of course return the compliment. And there are hardly any rerun movies on TV anymore – anything I haven’t seen for a year is all new. And there is so much more…

Regrets? I once had a lot but no more. Guilt? I would be burdened with them, but only if I ever stopped to think about them again and I won’t! Being a senior is a time when you are able to say; “I don’t care” about certain problems. Problems that weren’t even problems or those that I couldn’t do anything about. So many worries never really materialize or fade away quickly anyway.

Life can be good whatever your age so don’t just sit around watching TV. Get up and about, but relax and don’t rush. Be positive and friendly. Read and learn to improve your well being. Develop and follow healthy eating habits. Sleep well!

Diabetes and Society

One of the things most people do not know is that there are several different types of diabetes, and that diabetes is a disease that will stay with you for the rest of your life, there is no cure from diabetes and that means that once a person is informed that he has diabetes this condition will follow him for the rest of his or her life.

Coming to terms with the fact that one has diabetes may be psychologically difficult sometimes, especially if the person has no experience with long and difficult diseases and illnesses. The mental strain and the difficulty of grasping the new situation might sometimes cause a state of confusion and anger, denial and expressions of mood swings. While this is all normal and understandable an adult behaving in such a way may be problematic to explain to young children or even friends and colleagues.

As in all other difficult situation that family and close friends can always be a source of great comfort and relief, and if you can find some people who also discovered in later stages of life that they had diabetes that will help too, the idea of companionship between patients of many diseases can help the patient realize that there are ways to deal with the news and that people have done that before him.

Dealing with the discovery of diabetes is not as crashing as other fatal diseases that we know about and hear about on a daily basis, but for a healthy individual this may come as a complete shock, and any person that is not well informed abbot diabetes to begin with may take this as a devastating realization. It is important to stress that diabetes is something that you can live with and that there is increasing awareness around the world about diabetes patient and their needs, as well as the medical attention that diabetics require.

The fact that there are three different kinds of diabetes should make it clear that everyone needs to know about diabetes since it is not an illness that is limited to young age only, diabetes can be discovered later in life and the risks associate with the lack of treatment for diabetes is high. The lack of knowledge about diabetes causes future patients to panic or be o relaxed about their condition, which is in both cases dangerous to their health.

To summarize what has been said in this article so far, the discovery of diabetes in a later stage of life can be a shock, the family and friends should try their best to support the diabetic and to help him or her to realize that this is a disease that requires daily attention and that is potentially dangerous if not treated properly, overall the level of awareness in the general public to the diabetes disease and to diabetics in general should be addressed and any individual should try his or her best to explain the dangers of the illness to others not only to increase the awareness but also to try and improve society treatment of diabetics.

Public Views of Arts and Entertainment

Entertainment art and entertainments gallery is not, as publication would have it, a pale imitation of art which happens to propound for a public audience the same values that art does for the elite members of the self-same cultural group.

Rather, art and entertainment are but similar activities. Art engenders thoughts and emotions in its audience so that they can be referred to a meaning,

While entertainment creates thoughts and painters museums art gallery emotions in its audience that create pleasure for that audience by allowing its members to notice that the events art and entertainments before them engendered those thoughts and emotions. Acrobats create fear with their daring, and the audience enjoys its sense gallery art of fear because it knows that the events before it created that fear. Mystery tales generate galleries suspense by piling up yet clues and suspense, the public audiences enjoy the puzzle as well as the atmosphere of painters contemporary the fiction in which the puzzle is set.

Games of cards and sports are two sources of entertainment because their audiences attend to the particular way a game is played out whether a declarer should have led a spade and whether a squeeze bunt might have led art museum a runner to score– rather than for any sources to be a participant to the play of chance or athletic prowess.

Entertainment is more popular than art because it limits what its audience is required to do to the apprehension of what happens before it, gallery art while art opens up the audience to any associations its members might make between the art object and and entertainments art museum and entertainments paintings contemporary

Arts and Entertainment As Education and Training

Prisons should be rehabilitation centers. Inmates would be forbidden to watch commercial TV. Entertainment would be OK, but it would be good clean entertainment, not the sexual immorality, drug abuse and violence so prevalent on commercial TV.

Prisoners would also have a menu of cognitive therapy options available to choose from for their rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation and other educational opportunities will also be available.

Prisoner selection and progress in such programs will be monitored and considered in their reentry into society process.

I think Wyoming would be a great place to build prisons. Good jobs for Wyoming and placing them out in the relatively empty places in Wyoming would keep them away from society. I just think prisons and the whole rehabilitation industry would be good business for Wyoming.

Reforming Hollywood and other entertainment industry activities is another project we can work on to improve human nature and civilization. I am astonished that people think that murder and rape, and all kinds of human perversity is entertaining.

I guess the scientists who work in Hollywood have discovered how to push certain buttons in human nature and now they just keep pushing them, just like a pigeon will keep pushing the cocaine button in an experiment.

Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do it. Make sure everyone wins in all your business activities. Deliver more than you promise. Trade good stuff for good stuff. Never sell poison for money, whether its physically, mentally or spiritually poisonous. Much of the entertainment available today is mentally and spiritually poisonous. And when people act out the fantasies they are watching, it becomes physically harmful.

We are all responsible for this. Society is whatever we make it. We can make a peaceful and prosperous society, or we can make this mean oppressive society that Hollywood is selling.

I encourage everyone to help make the world a better place, be kind friendly and polite. Practice peace and prosperity in your own personal and professional lives. Practice unity in diversity.

Love and respect each other. We are not seeking uniformity. The diversity inherent in human nature is a strength of human nature. We do need a common set of moral and spiritual principles that we can all agree to and practice in order to live in harmony with each other and our
natural habitat.